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HEB Pricing for 2015

ACLS Humanities E-Book has now finalized its subscription rates for the upcoming year. These rates go into effect January 2015, and can be found on our website. Depending on a subscriber’s size and classification, prices will go up by a margin of roughly 2.8% to...

HEB’s Top Users for 2013

Below is our list of the twenty-five institutional subscribers to ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB) with the highest usage for 2013. Among these are some of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the US, the United Kingdom and Canada. University of Oxford, Oxford,...

HEB Pricing for 2014

ACLS Humanities E-Book is announcing its subscription rates for the upcoming year, effective January 2014. HEB did not increase prices in 2013 due to economic concerns and budgetary constraints among its subscriber base. For 2014, rates will increase approximately 3%...