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HEB is Moving!

Humanities E-Book began as a cutting edge digital collection of premiere humanities titles for over 15 years ago, and although our collection development strategies have evolved, some elements of our platform have been late to table of new publishing technologies.  That is changing.

HEB’s publishing partner, Michigan Publishing, is currently working on the Fulcrum platform, a project funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  The platform is building on the Hydra/Fedora framework, a popular choice of  many well-established research libraries looking for improved functionalities in their digital repositories and other content management solutions.  HEB joins a prestigious group of publishers partnering with the Fulcrum platform, such as Northwestern University Press, University of Minnesota Press, and Indiana University Press, among others.

Learn more about the platform at

Watch the video below to learn why HEB has decided that Fulcrum is the platform for us, and make sure to follow Fulcrum on Twitter for updates!  Just as HEB was a game changer 15 years ago for the digital humanities market, Fulcrum is a game changer for the way scholars publish, communicate, and interact with the online scholarly materials in humanities .