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Choice Recommends HEB
(A review by J. Millhorn, Choice, Vol. 45, No. 12, August 2008)

“An outstanding experiment in collaborative publishing and dissemination of scholarly monographs.…ACLS is to be applauded for exposing such a remarkable collection of works to a potentially much broader public.”

Collection Building Praises HEB
(A review by Jocelyn Berger-Barrera, Collection Building, Vol. 27.3, March 2008)

“This combination of superlative content and a straightforward, user-friendly interface…is a noteworthy addition to any academic library collection.”

Chronicle Follow-up on Gutenberg-e Move to HEB
(Chronicle of Higher Education, March 7, 2008)

Director of Columbia University Press Discusses Gutenberg-e/HEB Experiment
(Columbia University Press Blog, February 28, 2008)

Chronicle of Higher Education Announces Gutenberg-e Move to Open-Access and HEB
(The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 26, 2008)

Library Journal’s Academic Newswire highlights HEB, Gutenberg-e
(Academic Newswire, Library Journal, February, 19, 2008)

Library Journal reports on access to the Gutenberg-e Project through ACLS Humanities E-Book and now also via open access.

Gutenberg-e Books Now Available Open Access and through ACLS Humanities E-Book
(AHA Today, American Historical Association, February 13, 2008)

From Robert B. Townsend, AHA’s Assistant Director, Research and Publications: “We hope that making the books available in these two new forms promotes increased interest, attention, and use in the academy.” Townsend encourages scholars to read and compare the formats of the electronic monographs and states that “…these books stand as models of exceptional scholarship in the discipline and rich examples of how new media can transform the traditional monograph form.”


ACLS Humanities E-Book to Host the CTC
(Renaissance News & Notes, Renaissance Society of America, Summer 2007)

From RSA’s Executive Director John Monfasani: “One of the great scholarly projects of our time is the Catalogus Translationum et Commentariorum…So it was with considerable joy that I received the notice [from ACLS]. The great advantage of online access is…the ability to consult something whenever and wherever we want. Indeed, since the online version will be searchable, the CTC has become even more valuable.”

CAA Monographs Are Now E-Books
(CAA News, July 2007)

“Through a partnership with the ACLS Humanities E-Book Project, CAA is pleased to announce that a number of volumes from the CAA Monographs Series, many long out of print, are now being reissued as e-books, available as online downloads and CD-ROMs, and in print-on-demand (POD) format.”

IATH to Partner with ACLS Humanities E-Book Project
(IATH News, Spring 2007)

“ACLS Humanities E-Book and The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities of the University of Virginia are happy to announce their new partnership aimed at producing, hosting, and distributing new born-digital scholarship in the humanities. Bernard Frischer, IATH Director, says “this is more than a natural alliance between a digital production unit and a digital distributor. IATH’s relationship with HEB is a crucial step forward in making innovative digital scholarship sustainable and as normal a feature of the academic landscape as print publication has long been.”


Library acquires ACLS History E-Book Project
(The Cole Train, Fall 2006)

“This database is an important addition to the Houston Cole Library's collection, supporting our core curriculum as well as our research needs.”

New in the News: ACLS History E-Book Project
(CAA News, November 2006)

Technology Left Behind—eBook Rollout
(Against the Grain, November 2006)

ACLS History E-Book Project and Rutgers U. Press Introduce ‘Breakthrough’ Ebooks
(Library Journal Academic Newswire, 7/27/06)

Recent, New & Forthcoming Electronic Media, 2006
(Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, April 2006, Vol. 43, No. 8)

The HEB Project has been selected for the Choice feature article on “Recent, New & Forthcoming Electronic Media, 2006.” This highlights “materials appropriate for…and of particular interest to…academic libraries, particularly on the undergraduate level.”

For ACLS E-Book Project, Success Is a Moving Target
(Library Journal Academic Newswire, 3/2/06)

Selected Reference Works, 2005: Electronic Book Collections
(College & Research Libraries, March 2006, Vol 67, No. 2)
(The above article lists the HEB Project alongside other e-book collections such as Ebrary, NetLibrary, and Oxford Scholarship Online.)

ACLS History E-Book
(Renaissance News & Notes, Renaissance Society of America, Winter/Spring 2006)
“The advantages of the collection are obvious. Not only can you read at your leisure and at no extra cost books not in your library, but you now have a way of immediately checking a reference or a passage while sitting at your computer any time of day or night.”


ACLS History E-Book Project Launches POD Program
(Al-Musharaka, National Institute for Technology & Liberal Education, April 1, 2005)

2005: Confirming the Promise of 2004
(American Libraries online, ALA, March 2005)

Riding the eBook Wave (Against the Grain, Eook Library, February 2005)


“The Information Playground” (Library Journal online, 5/15/04)

(The above article lists the HEB Project alongside other database services such as OCLC, OUP, Lexis/Nexis, The World Bank, etc.)

“Electronic Publication: The State of the Question” (Electronic Publication and the Classics Profession, American Philological Association, May 2004)

“New Titles Push E-Book Possibilities” (Perspectives, American Historical Association, April 2004)

“Industry Roundup: History E-Book Project Launches” (SPARC E-News, Association of Research Libraries, March 31, 2004)
(The above article has been archived offline. For more info, see SPARC enews.)

Review of ACLS History E-Book Project (Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, February 2004, Vol. 41, No. 06)


Review of White Paper No. 1, “ACLS History E-Book Project: Report on Technology Development and Production Workflow for XML Encoded E-Books” (Current Cites, Volume 14, no. 10, October 2003)

“ACLS History E-Book Project Right on Schedule” (Library Journal online, 9/1/03)

“ACLS History E-Book Project Progressing” (Library Journal online, 8/18/03)

“ACLS History E-Book Project Proving That E-Books Really Are the Future” (Scholarly Communication Issues: A Newsletter for the UIUC Community, August 1, 2003)

“ACLS History E-Book Project” (OAH Newsletter online, Volume 31, Number 3–August 2003)


Review of ACLS History E-Book Project (L'album des sciences socials, 12/29/2002)

(The original article is no longer available online. Click here for an English translation of the above review.)

Review of ACLS History E-Book Project (The Charleston Advisor, Volume 4, Number 2, October 2002)

“ACLS History E-Book Project Launched” (Librarian’s eBook Newsletter, 09/12/2002)

“American Council of Learned Societies: The Promise of an E-Future” (Library Journal online, 3/15/02)


“ACLS Uses History To Study the E-Book” (Library Journal online, 7/15/01)

“TCA Best and Worst Product Awards” (The Charleston Advisor, Volume 3, Number 1, July 2001)

Press Releases

(Please note: XML books may be referred to as “frontlist” in some of the following press releases.)





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