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HEB recently asked our subscribers to participate in a survey designed to assist in expanding our title list to reflect both underrepresented areas of study and currently popular interests in scholarship. In response we received feedback from 372 respondents at subscribing institutions. Respondents had the option to skip questions or write in their own responses.
The top five from this year’s survey are: LGBT/Queer Studies, Film and Media Studies, Women’s Studies, Environmental History, and Islamic Studies.
In response to which subject areas respondents saw the biggest deficit in their schools’ libraries, the results show that Film and Media Studies, African History, LGBT/Queer Studies, and Islamic Studies are the most underrepresented. These growing fields indicate a renewed focus on diversity and expanding the range of perspectives that students study. Additionally, respondents indicated that the top four subject areas they would be interested in seeing in our collection are as follows: Disability Studies, Indigenous Studies, Education, and Food Studies. At HEB, we will use these findings to continue to develop our collection in both established and emerging areas. We thank everyone who took part in the survey.

If you would like a sample of HEB’s offerings in the aforementioned areas, please see the following links. We have assembled Pinterest boards that highlight HEB’s titles in Film and Media Studies, LGBT/Queer Studies, Native American Studies, African Studies, and Islamic Studies.