Humanities E-Book
The Online Collection
Developed By Scholars

This review originally appeared in Collection Building, Vol. 27 Issue: 3, pp. 118-120. For access to the entire review, visit Emerald Insight to review download/purchase options.



  • The purpose of this article is to inform the reader about the collection development principles, the use of technology, the history, and usefulness of ACLS Humanities E‐book.


  • The approach adopted is a brief history, overview, and review of ACLS Humanities E‐book.


  • ACLS Humanities E‐book combines a carefully selected collection of academic monographs related to the humanities with a straightforward user‐interface.


  • The paper offers information about the collection, most important, its collection development model and the considerable value and utility of ACLS Humanities E‐book for researchers and libraries.