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Interview: John R. Clarke

FollowFollowFollow IntroductionACLS Humanites E-Book (HEB) is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Oplontis Villa A (“of Poppaea”) at Torre Annunziata, Italy, Volume 2: The Decorations, Stucco, Pavements, Sculptures,¬†edited by John R. Clarke and...

Humanities E-Book 2017 Release

Humanities E-Book is pleased to announce our 2017 release of 154 titles into our collection. ¬† This is our 14th round of titles, and HEB’s acquisition strategy for this round not only relied on the recommendations of scholars (the foundational principle of...

New Titles Forthcoming in 2016

ACLS Humanities E-Book’s (HEB) upcoming fall 2016 title release will be comprised of 321 books covering a wide range of subject areas, and will include contributions from publishing partners old and new. Here are some highlights: 54 titles from Harvard...