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Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.—a leader and powerful figure of the Civil Rights movement and in American History. Humanities E-Book sees MLK Day as much more than just an occasion to honor the man but also to honor the causes and ideas he fought for. Acknowledging the dark, terrible aspects of our history critical, as in learning about some this movement’s victories in spite of great obstacles. We celebrate the bravery of this man and of the countless people who were a part of this movement, while admiting that there are still battles to be fought, that this country still has a ways to go in achieving justice and equality.

This MLK Day, deepen your understanding of this period of recent history. From the history of the Civil Rights movement and its leaders, to the politics of mass incarceration, to reproductive rights for women of color, the HEB collection spans a wide range of civil rights topics across disciplines. Our collection hosts over 400 scholarly titles covering the Civil Rights movement. Some of the most popular titles are featured below; you can also peruse a longer list of titles here or browse our Pinterest boards on similar topics, such as Race in America and African Studies.