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Overview: College Art Association

The College Art Association (CAA) has a long standing in the world of visual arts, education and curation. Since it’s founding in 1911, the CAA  “[promoted] the visual arts and their understanding through committed practice and intellectual engagement. The Association advances the highest standards of instruction, knowledge and practice in the visual arts to stimulate intellectual curiosity and advance skills that enrich the individual and society.” In 1942 College Art Association was admitted into the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS).

CAA includes among its members those who by vocation or avocation are concerned about and/or committed to the practice of art, teaching, and research of and about the visual arts and humanities. Over 12,000 artists, art historians, scholars, curators, critics, collectors, educators, publishers, and other professionals in the visual arts belong as individual members. Another 2,000 departments of art and art history at colleges and universities, art schools, museums, libraries, and professional and commercial organizations hold institutional memberships.

CAA and Humanities E-Book 

In August 2006, HEB and CAA announce new partnership. HEB and CAA set out to explore many opportunities and challenges involved in bringing art-history scholarship into the digital realm. CAA thus became the ninth ACLS constituent society to join the project at the time. Together, HEB and CAA carefully chose a selection of titles from CAA’s highly-respected College Art Association Monograph Series to digitize and include as a special series in the HEB collection.  With the help of HEB, the the CAA monographs could reach a wider audience in the humanities, significant in an era when interdisciplinary studies across the humanities are becoming more commonplace. HEB also gained a valuable publishing partner with insights on subject areas that (at the time) were not well represented in the collection and who had a finger on the pulse of scholars engaging with online resources in Art History, Architecture, etc.

Cover, “Roman Black & White Figural Mosiacs”

This series began publication in 1944 and concluded in 1999. The series eventually issued 56 volumes with a variety of university presses and scholarly societies, including the Archaeological Institute of America, New York University Press, The Pennsylvania State University Press, and the University of Washington Press. We at Humanities E-Book are the only organization that distributes access to these digital copies. Note, due to restricted rights for some series entries, not all CAA monographs are represented in the HEB collection. 

Don’t forget, in anticipation for the upcoming release of Oplontis Vol.2,  the CAA Monograph Series on HEB includes a fully-encoded edition of John Clarke’s Roman Black-and-White Figural Mosaics. 

Below we have provided a short list of title that may peak your interest. If you would like to see the full list of available CAA monographs on HEB, check out the CAA series on the HEB website or our Pinterest page for the series!