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As of August 1, 2018 HEB and our publishing partner, Michigan Publishing, are proud to present the HEB collection on the Fulcrum platform, a project funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  The platform is built on the Hydra/Fedora (now Samvera) framework, a popular choice of  many well-established research libraries looking for improved functionalities in their digital repositories and other content management solutions.  HEB joins a prestigious group of publishers partnering with the Fulcrum platform, such as Northwestern University Press, University of Minnesota Press, and Indiana University Press, among others. Don’t forget to follow Fulcrum on Twitter below for updates!

8/1/2018: Please note, not all of HEB’s XML Titles are currently live in the HEB collection. They can still be accessed on the DLXS site and if you have any questions, please contact

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What can users expect in Fulcrum?


Fulcrum delivers content to users in a web-based, EPUB reader. EPUB provides flexibility across devices, supports multimedia, and improves the the reading experience greatly from the page-image format currently utilized in the collection. HEB aims to have the entire collection in fully-encoded EPUB format in the future.

In-text screenshot of “Building the American Highway System” (Temple University Press, 1987)

Innovation, Engagement, Longevity

Humanities E-Book and Michigan Publishing partnered together to migrate the HEB collection to Fulcrum based off three shared values: Innovation, Engagement, and Longevity. On the new platform, HEB’s collection will be a leader in electronic humanities collections and be geared for the future of scholarly publishing. Download a PDF for more details on the shared values mentioned above.

Improved Tools for Librarians

Fulcrum will be Counter-5 compliant, with a reworked and immersive analytics dashboard for librarians. Understanding how digital humanities monographs are being used is critical for librarians and Fulcrum provides all the necessary tools to make informed collection decisions. Whether it be Google Analytics, AltMetrics plugins, or the simplified institutional analytics portal, librarians will have powerful tools at their fingertips with Fulcrum.

Publisher Incentives

Titles on Fulcrum are hosted on a durable infrastructure that enables greater discovery than the current DLXS platform HEB is living on. This means publishers who contribute to the HEB collection can expect their titles to be discovered more, have more engagement, and earn more royalties! HEB looks forward to giving our publishing partners the opportunity to give out-of-print, backlist titles a second life on Fulcrum!