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Like many people, Humanities E-Book is over 2017 and ready for 2018. 2017 brought many exciting developments to HEB, such as chapter downloads, the Humanities Open Book project wrapping up, and new titles, but all of this is just a teaser for what is coming in 2018.

2018 New Titles

HEB is under way developing our 2018 new title list. Areas in our collection we are interested in expanding include Islamic Studies (a subject area broken out from the more general “Middle Eastern Studies” designation used before 2017), Military Studies (including history, security, and conflict studies), Women’s Studies, Native Peoples of the Americas, Political Science, and Communication Studies. If you have a recommendation for a title or a subject area you would like to see more titles in, fill out our recommendation form or email HEB’s Chris Plattsmier.

A lot of answers our respondents listed in our 2017 collection development survey indicated the impact of the current socio-political climate in America, which is not surprising, but it will be interesting to see in our 2018 collection development survey if these trends continue. In fairness, it does not seem like the socio-political climate is going to change anytime soon. HEB is committed to continually improve its collection to meet the academic and scholarly needs of faculty, students, and librarians; part of this includes staying up-to-date on the subject areas and topic relevant in academia and the public arena.


Speaking of staying up-to-date, HEB’s new platform, Fulcrum, is approaching the final stages of development. The EPUB reader platform will go live August 2018 and we couldn’t be more excited. Fulcrum will allow users to have a more seamless experience with features such as reflowable text, annotation tools, and integration of enhanced media. HEB will be migrating its entire collection to this new platform, in addition to converting its titles to the EPUB format.

One of the core values of HEB is innovation; through our partnership with University of Michigan, we are looking forward to building upon that value and providing readers with better accessibility to and user experience with HEB’s outstanding collection.

Where We’ll Be

PSP 2018 Annual Conference, Feb 7-9, Washington, D.C.

ALA Midwinter, Feb 9-13, Denver, CO.

ARLIS/NA Annual Conference, Feb 25-Mar 1, New York, NY

ER&L Annual Conference, Mar 4-7, Austin, TX

NFAIS Humanities Roundtable, Mar 11, Washington D.C.

Humanities Advocacy Day, Mar 13, Washington D.C.

ATLA Annual Conference, Jun 13-16, Indianapolis, IN

ALA Annual Conference, Jun 21-26 New Orleans, LA

Charleston Library Conference, Nov 5-10, Charleston, S.C.

Crucial Dates

April  2018,  Humanities Open Book Titles Live on Fulcrum

August 2018, HEB Collection Launched in Fulcrum