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ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB) has been live on Fulcrum for over a month now and could not be happier, but we are always working on improvements. The most recent updates on Fulcrum are not merely aesthetic, nor are they static—flexibility for the future of digital publishing in the humanities factored heavily in HEB’s decision to move to Fulcrum.

Below are a few accessibility updates now live or coming soon to Fulcrum, be sure to follow the Fulcrum blog here.

Accessibility Update

Provided by Emma DiPasquale, Fulcrum Community Manager. For the full post, click here.

At Fulcrum, accessibility is a core value and design component. Over the past few months, the Fulcrum team has been focused on improving the platform’s accessibility features and making information about them more publicly available. We were fortunate to work for the summer with Luke Kudryashov, a Rackham public engagement graduate fellow, who helped the team develop more accessibility features and completed a VPAT 2.1 document, which can be found on our updated accessibility page. We’ve also been working to implement a few new accessibility features on the platform, including:
  • Improved screen reader compatibility
  • Text zoom features in e-reader
  • Implementation of Able Player, an accessible multimedia player for captions, audio descriptions, and transcripts
  • Image descriptions through alt-text attributes encoded in our EPUB 3 files
  • Zoom controls on images
  • Keyboard navigation shortcuts in the Fulcrum E-Reader
  • Compatibility with major accessibility browser extensions and operating system settings including text-to-speech, zoom, and contrast

The Fulcrum team continues to create inclusive services and content for all readers, and is constantly working to make the platform and its content as accessible and usable as possible. We’re particularly excited about our upcoming collaboration with the Deaf Studies Digital Journal (DSDJ), supported by a NEH Digital Humanities Advancement Grant through the spring of 2020, which will help us to push accessible publishing forward even further.

If you have any questions, please email