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ACLS Humanities E-Book is happy for improved classroom use as a result from our move to the Fulcrum platform. The platform is still in development and improved tools for searching, annotating, and analytics are in the pipeline, but there is plenty to love about what HEB on Fulcrum can do for your classroom today.

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Chapter Downloads

In HEB’s surveys and correspondence with librarians at subscribing institutions, chapter downloads topped the list of most-desired features. Not a surprise—PDFs are a simple, flexible classroom solution for faculty and students. So how does the chapter download feature work? It’s easy…

Accompanying screenshots are from Bounce: Rap Music and Local Identity in New Orleans, copyright University of Massachusetts Press, 2012. Subscriber access only. 

  1.  After selecting a HEB title in your library catalog or through, you will be taken to the title page for your selection (below). 
  2. Once on the title page, you will see the chapter/section headings listed under the “Table of Contents” tab. There are three links for each heading: the text of the heading and “Read” button take you into the e-reader, the “Download” button generates a PDF of the chapter.
    • Do not distribute the download link—HEB titles can be accessed by subscribers in a variety of ways, which impacts the URL generated. This also keeps subscribers within fair use fort the copyrighted material and allows us to more accurately track usage of the collection.
    • Front matter, lists, indexes, etc. are not available for download at this moment.
    • Please email if a download link is broken.

The link will open a PDF in your browser (see below), where you will be able to download the file through your browser’s default application. Above, a TOC displaying the “Download” and “Read” buttons.

Inside the E-Reader

The Fulcrum e-reader is great for showing text and illustrations in a classroom setting. For an in-depth update on accessibility updates related to the e-reader visit the latest post on the Fulcrum blog.

  1. Once in the E-Reader, the display will be set to auto. This is the best way to have the most browser-appropriate experience in the text. Below is a screenshot within the reader, note the location of the following:
    • Top Left: “X” exits the e-reader and returns the user to the title page, the HEB logo returns the user to
    • Navigation: Top left under the “X” is the menu button, bottom of the page is a maneuverable progress bar, arrows for page turning on are located on the right and left sides of the page, and horizontal/vertical scroll bars
    • Display: Top right the full screen button and settings button are adjacent. The second photo below shows the different display options once the settings button is clicked.
  2. The first photo below also displays four key features in the upper left portion of the e-reader:
    • Stable URL: This URL brings users to the title page, where once they try to enter the e-reader/download a chapter, they will be prompted to login through their institution.
    • “Get Citation”: Once this button is clicked, a sidebar will appear on the left where users can generate MLA, APA, and Chicago citations to copy/paste.
    • Search bar: Full text search, results appear in left-hand sidebar with links to location.
    • Share: Options to share title/citation to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Reddit, Mendeley, and Cite U Like.

As Fulcrum continues to improve and build upon it’s infrastructure, more features that will help users in the classroom will become available. In the bottom left corner of the e-reader, there is an option for users to provide feedback…don’t be shy!