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HEB and Yewno recently partnered to bring the Humanities E-Book collection into the Yewno Discover service for libraries.  HEB joins leading publishers around the globe to offer content for the YEWNO Discovery service. By “leveraging machine learning, computational linguistics, and a vast reservoir of information from the most respected content providers in the world.” (Yewno, 2017), Yewno Discover transforms the research and user experience into an “organic” and in-depth journey into key topics, ideas, and content across disciplines.


As you can see in the screenshot below, the Discover product brings users into an interactive, interdisciplinary topic web based off of the user’s search input. The related topics and content can be explored, as well as the relationship to the original search term itself. On the left hand side, related materials will appear for each selected related term or connection, with previews of the materials and a link (if user’s institutional provides access) to the content.

If you want to learn more about Yewno Discover you can request a demo for your library or visit