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13 HOB Titles Now on Fulcrum!

HEB is pleased to share the exciting news from our partners at the University of Michigan developing the Fulcrum platform that the 13 Open Access Titles HEB produced from funding through the Humanities Open Book Program are now live on Fulcrum! Find them here, or visit Please note, the platform is still in development. To keep up to date on HEB’s move to Fulcrum, visit our dedicated page to our collection migration on our website.

What is new?

HEB is currently using page-image (scans) as the primary format for the titles in our collection. With Fulcrum, HEB titles will be in the much more flexible EPUB format, facilitated through a state of the art web-based reading experience. EPUB provides flexibility for mobile capabilities and opportunities for fully encoded texts with enhanced media.

Other features that will be included are citation integrations, chapter downloads, and analytic interfaces for both the user and librarian to enjoy. To get a better idea of what HEB titles will look like on Fulcrum, check out Lake Erie Fishermen: Work, Identity, and Tradition—the best example currently live for the media capabilities of Fulcrum. Listen in on original interviews or browse the supplemental media gallery. Thank you to the Center for Folklore Studies at Ohio State University and the authors Timothy C. Lloyd and Patrick Mullen for providing supplemental media for the title!

I have suggestions, where do I send them?

In the image gallery above, notice the comment icon in the bottom left corner of the in-text screenshot? While in the e-reader for any of the 13 titles, if you click on this icon you will be directed to a page to provide feedback to the Fulcrum development team! You can also find a link to the comment form on Google Docs here.