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ACLS Humanities E-Book is looking ahead to June and not just because of Summer vacation. Two of the biggest industry events that HEB attends—ATLA Annual and ALA Annual—are taking place in June. Below are just a few things we are excited to share during these events.


  • HEB’s publishing partner, the University of Michigan, recently launched our 13 Humanities Open Book titles on the new platform and ATLA/ALA are great opportunities for subscribers and users to get a taste for the new platform. Keep up to date with everything Fulcrum by visiting!

    Screenshot of Media Gallery for “Lake Erie Fishermen” (University of Illinois Press, 1990)ATLA Special Series

ATLA Special Series

  • HEB enjoys a strong relationship with the American Theological Library Association, so much so that a few years ago we started curating the ATLA Special Series. This is a list of titles recommended by members of ATLA or that HEB deems of special interest to theology or religion scholars. The annual conference is a key contact point for soliciting recommendations, but do not forget you can always recommend titles on HEB’s site, here.

New Titles

  • We are currently developing our annual round of titles and will be showing off some new entries into the collection during both shows. HEB expects the 2018 release to be between 200-250 titles and to expand subject areas such as Women’s Studies, Latin American Studies, Sociology, and Anthropology, among others. Email me if you have any specific questions about the new round of titles coming to HEB in August! 

News from ACLS

New Orleans

  • No disrespect to Indianapolis where ATLA is being hosted, but being born and bred in South Louisiana I am partial to New Orleans. If you are going to be in New Orleans and want to learn more about what Humanities E-Book has to offer your library, let us know and we can meet up! I may know a few good restaurants and watering holes from my time living there…
  • If you are looking for something off the beaten path to do in New Orleans other than great food and drinks, and want to avoid the more tourist-packed sites, check out the Backstreet Museum. Located in the heart of the historical Tremé neighborhood, visitors are able to explore the history and culture behind Mardi Gras Indians, Second Lines, and many other aspects that make New Orleans one of the most unique American cities.


ATLA:  Jun 13-16

ALA: Jun  22-26

American Theological Library Association

American Library Association