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ACLS Humanities E-Book is pleased to announce that we have just added 404 new titles to the collection, and MARC records for these books are now available for download (please see instructions for this below).

With this latest release, we are expanding the areas of philosophy and film and media studies by forty-seven and twenty-nine titles, respectively; as well as adding titles in legal history, linguistics and literature, and several other categories. This round includes eighty-three award-winning titles. HEB is also adding two new special series, Medieval European Studies and West Virginia and Appalachia, both from West Virginia University Press, and is releasing the final three installments of the Catalogus Translationum et Commentariorum, completing this nine-volume series. (For a list of all HEB special series, please see:

This brings the grand total of titles in the collection to 3,707. A downloadable title list, including ISBN numbers and subject headings, can be found here:

MARC records and cataloging data for all titles in the collection are available for download on our website. Subscribers may download either a zip file containing 393 records for our new titles (as well as one corrected record for a previously released title), or a cumulative zip file containing 3,511 records and covering all 3,707 titles now live in the collection. (The discrepancy in number of MARCs versus titles is due to the fact that one record may cover multiple volumes of the same title.) If downloading the new records only, please bear in mind that a number of titles are being removed in this round and that you may wish to remove manually the corresponding MARC records from your library catalog. A list of all titles removed from the collection to date, including the 28 books removed in this round, can be found here:

In addition to downloading the records directly from the HEB website, subscribers will also be able to obtain our records from WorldCat in the near future, complete with OCLC IDs. We anticipate that this will make managing data for all digital library holdings much simpler for those subscribers that draw on WorldCat. We are in the process of working with OCLC to import the cumulative records; this process should be completed in the next few weeks.

New records for ACLS Humanities E-Book are now available at:

New subscribers or those who may not have recently updated their MARC records should download (3,511 records for all 3,707 books in rounds 1-9, online as of July 2012).

In order to add only the latest round of titles, please download the file, which includes 392 records for the 404 books added in July 2012, plus one corrected record.

Thank you for subscribing to ACLS Humanities E-Book; we hope you enjoy these new offerings!