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HEB is happy to present our monthly, Oh, the Humanities!, a monthly newsletter for librarians and faculty in the humanities who are interested in what is going on in the world of humanities publishing, developments from HEB’s collection and platform, and the work going on at the American Council of Learned Societies. ┬áHere you can find past issues, see the most recent issue, and sign up for the newsletter.

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Past Issues

Volume III

December 2017: Vol III, No. 7

November 2017: Vol III, No. 6

October 2017: Vol III, No. 5

September 2017: Vol, III, No. 4

August 2017: Vol. III, No. 3

July 2017: Vol. III, No. 2

June 2017: Vol. III, No. 1

Volume II

May 2017: Vol. II, No. 5

April 2017: Vol. II, No. 4

March 2017: Vol. II, No. 3

February 2017: Vol. II, No. 2

January 2017: Vol. II, No. 1

Volume I

December 2016: Vol. I, No. 7

November 2016: Vol. I, No. 6

October 2016: Vo. I, No. 5

September 2016: Vol. I, No. 4

August 2016: Vol. I, No. 3

July 2016: Vol. I, No. 2

June 2016: Vol. I, No. 1


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