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This tech talk features a tool that is integrated into the Humanities E-Book collection that makes it easier for users to collaborate and annotate. The tool is perfect for collaborative learning with HEB titles on your syllabi, allowing instructors and students to take notes on pages, annotate on logothe full-text versions of HEB titles in private groups, and search all public notes or annotations for a specific title. By creating a free account, users can leave notes on page-image and annotate full-text versions of HEB titles. is a non-profit, open source annotation platform that can also be used beyond HEB. To see how it works and how to get started, see below. You can also create your free account here.

Questions? Email HEB.  Once you sign up with, go test it out in the HEB Collection!

How to get started:

How it works:

Screenshot of page of HEB title with notes added from tool