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The College Art Association Monographs began publication in 1944 and concluded in 1999. The series eventually issued 56 volumes with a variety of university presses and scholarly societies, including the Archaeological Institute of America, New York University Press, The Pennsylvania State University Press, and the University of Washington Press. The series published scholars who are among the most influential art historians of our time, and covers the history of art from Classical Antiquity into the early twentieth century, with most concentration in the Western tradition. In partnership with CAA, HEB now offers a range of titles from this distinguished series.

Anderson, Jeffrey C.The New York Cruciform Lectionary1992
Begley, Wayne E.Visnu's Flaming Wheel: The Iconography of the Sudarsana-cakra1974
Berger, Robert W.Versailles: The Chateau of Louis XIV1985
Berger, Robert W.Antoine Le Pautre1969
Bier, LionelSarvistan: A Study in Early Iranian Architecture1986
Bolon, Carol R.Forms of the Goddess Lajja Gauri in Indian Art1992
Brinkerhoff, Dericksen M.A Collection of Sculpture in Classical and Early Christian Antioch1970
Brown, Blanche R.Ptolemaic Paintings and Mosaics and the Alexandrian Style1957
Brown, Blanche R.Anticlassicism in Greek Sculpture of the Fourth Century B.C.1973
Brown, Clifford M.Tapestries for the Courts of Federico II, Ercole, and Ferrante Gonzaga, 1522-631996
Brown, MarilynDegas and the Business of Art: A Cotton Office in New Orleans1994
Buettner, BrigitteBoccaccio's Des cleres et nobles femmes: Systems of Signification in an Illuminated Manuscript1997
Cahn, WalterThe Romanesque Wooden Doors of Auvergne1974
Cambitoglou, Alexander and Trendall, A. D.Apulian Red-Figured Vase-Painters of the Plain Style1961
Clarke, John R.Roman Black-and-White Figural Mosaics1979
D'Ancona, Mirella LeviThe Iconography of the Immaculate Conception in the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance1957
Davidson, Bernice F.Raphael's Bible: A Study of the Vatican Logge1985
Eitner, LorenzThe Flabellum of Tournus1944
Fehl, PhilippThe Classical Monument: Reflections on the Connection between Morality and Art in Greek and Roman Sculpture1971
Folda, JaroslavThe Nazareth Capitals and the Crusader Shrine of the Annunciation1986
Gerstel, Sharon E. J.Beholding the Sacred Mysteries: Programs of the Byzantine Sanctuary1999
Gisolfi, Diana and Sinding-Larsen, StaaleThe Rule, the Bible, and the Council: The Library of the Benedictine Abbey at Praglia1988
Hinkle, William M.The Portal of the Saints at Reims Cathedral: A Study in Mediaeval Iconography1965
Hitchcock, Henry-RussellNetherlandish Scrolled Gables of the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries1978
Holladay, Joan A.Illuminating the Epic: The Kassel Willehalm Codex and the Landgraves of Hesse in the Early Fourteenth Century1997
Jenkins, MariannaThe State Portrait1947
Johnson, Franklin P.The Farwell Collection1953
Kantor, Helene J.The Aegean and the Orient in the Second Millennium B.C.1947
Kirsch, Edith W.Five Illuminated Manuscripts of Giangaleazzo Visconti1991
Kitao, Timothy K.Circle and Oval in the Square of Saint Peter's: Design and Meaning in Bernini's Plan1974
Lavin, IrvingBernini and the Crossing of Saint Peter's1968
Lavin, IrvingGianlorenzo Bernini: New Aspects of His Art and Thought1985
Lawrence, MarionThe Sarcophagi of Ravenna1945
Lehmann, Phyllis WilliamsRoman Wall Paintings from Boscoreale in the Metropolitan Museum of Art1953
Lillich, Meredith P.Rainbow Like an Emerald: Stained Glass in Lorraine in the Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Centuries1991
Maguire, HenryEarth and Ocean: the Terrestrial World in Early Byzantine Art1987
Meiss, MillardLa Vie de Nostre Benoit Sauveur Ihesucrist and La Saincte Vie de Nostre Dame1977
Moir, AlfredCaravaggio and His Copyists1977
Moskowitz, Anita F.Nicola Pisanoís Arca di San Domenico and Its Legacy1994
Nelson, Robert S.The Iconography of Preface and Miniature in the Byzantine Gospel Book1980
O'Gorman, JamesThe Architecture of the Monastic Library in Italy, 1300-16001972
Posner, Kathleen W.Leonardo and Central Italian Art, 1515–15501974
Roebuck, CarlIonian Trade and Colonization1959
Roskill, Mark W.Dolces Aretino and Venetian Art Theory of the Cinquecento1968
Ryberg, Inez S.Panel Reliefs of Marcus Aurelius1967
Saalman, HowardThe Church of Santa Trinità in Florence1966
Saalman, HowardThe Bigallo: The Oratory and Residence of the Compagnia del Bigallo e della Misericordia in Florence1969
Schapiro, MeyerThe Parma Ildefonsus: A Romanesque Illuminated Manuscript From Cluny and Related Works1964
Schulz, Anne M.Niccolò di Giovanni Fiorentino and Venetian Sculpture of the Early Renaissance1978
Scobie, AlexHitler's State Architecture: The Impact of Classical Antiquity1990
Sherman, Claire R.The Portraits of Charles V of France1969
Soucek, Priscilla P.Content and Context of the Visual Arts in the Islamic World1988
Spear, Athena T.Brancusi's Birds1969
Spector, Jack J.The Murals of Eugene Delacroix at Saint-Sulpice1967
Tronzo, WilliamThe Via Latina Catacomb: Imitation and Discontinuity in Fourth-Century Roman Painting1986
Verheyen, EgonThe Paintings in the Studiolo of Isabella d'Este at Mantua1971