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The John Harvard Library offers a collection of over 70 titles in American history and culture, ranging from the colonial era to the early 20th century. The first volume was published in 1960, and most of the library followed quickly throughout the 1960s. Each volume contains one or more primary sources written by leading American figures and was edited, with an introduction, by a distinguished scholar. Harvard University Press has begun reissuing the series in print and has arranged the electronic distribution for many of the volumes through HEB. The list below is partial and will be supplemented and hyperlinked as titles become available.

Addams, JaneDemocracy and Social Ethics1964
Agassiz, LouisEssay on Classification1962
Alexander, JamesA Brief Narrative of the Case and Trial of John Peter Zenger, Printer of the New York Weekly Journal1972
Arthur, Timothy ShayTen Nights in a Bar-room, and What I Saw There1964
Bellamy, EdwardThe Duke of Stockbridge: A Romance of Shay's Rebellion1962
Bellamy, EdwardLooking Backward, 2000-18871967
Bentley, Arthur F.The Process of Government1967
Bradstreet, Anne and Hensley, JeannineThe Works of Anne Bradstreet1967
Carnegie, AndrewThe Gospel of Wealth, and Other Timely Essays1962
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Crater: or Vulcan's Peak1962
Cotton, John and Ziff, LarzerJohn Cotton on the Churches of New England1968
Donnelly, IgnatiusCaesar's Column: a Story of the Twentieth Century1960
Douglass, Frederick and Quarles, BenjaminNarrative of The Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave, Written by Himself1960, 1988
Dunn, Richard S. and Yeandle, LaetitiaThe Journal of John Winthrop, 1630-16491996
Emerson, Ralph WaldoEnglish Traits1966
Finney, Charles GrandisonLectures on Revivals of Religion1960
Fitzhugh, George and Woodward, C. VannCannibals All! or Slaves Without Masters1960, 1988
Frederic, Harold and Carter, EverettThe Damnation of Theron Ware1960
Garland, HamlinCrumbling Idols: Twelve Essays on Art Dealing Chiefly with Literature, Painting and the Drama1960
Grimke, FrederickThe Nature and Tendency of Free Institutions1964
Gronlund, LaurenceThe Cooperative Commonwealth1965
Hamilton, Alexander and Madison, JamesThe Federalist1961
Harvey, William HopeCoin's Financial School1963
Herrick, RobertThe Memoirs of an American Citizen1963
Jefferson, Joseph and Downer, Alan S.The Autobiography of Joseph Jefferson1964
Kemble, Fanny and Clinton, CatherineFanny Kemble's Journals2000
Loeb, JacquesThe Mechanistic Conception of Life1964
Mather, Cotton and Levin, DavidBonifacius: An Essay Upon the Good1966
Mather, CottonMagnalia Christi Americana, Books I and II1977
McCloskey, Robert GreenThe Works Of James Wilson Volume One1967
McCloskey, Robert GreenThe Works Of James Wilson Volume Two1967
Noble, Louis Legrand and Vesell, Elliot S.The Life and Works of Thomas Cole1964
Patton, Simon N.The New Basis of Civilization1968
Phelps, Elizabeth StuartThe Gates Ajar1964
Paul, Susan and Smith LoisMemoir of James Jackson2000
Piercy, Frederick HawkinsRoute from Liverpool to Great Salt Lake Valley1962
Ray, Isaac and Overholser, WinfredA Treatise on the Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity1962
Rudolph, FrederickEssays on Education in the Early Republic1965
Ruffin, EdmundAn Essay of Calcareous Manures1961
Silbey, Joel H.The American Party Battle: Election Campaign Pamphlets, 1828-1854 Volume I1999
Silbey, Joel H.The American Party Battle: Election Campaign Pamphlets, 1828-1876. Volume II, 1854-18761999
Smith, Samuel StanhopeAn Essay of the Causes of the Variety of Complexion and Figure in the Human Species1965
Smith, Jr., WilliamThe History of the Province of New-York, Volume One: From the First Discovery to the Year 17321972
Smith, Jr., WilliamThe History of the Province of New-York, Volume Two: A Continuation, 1732-17621972
Stallo, Johan BernhardThe Concepts and Theories of Modern Physics1960
Stevenson, Robert LouisFrom Scotland to Silverado: Comprising The Amateur Emigrant: "From the Clyde to Sandy Hook" and "Across the Plains," The Silverado Squatters & Four Essays on California1966
Tourg├łe, Albion W.A Fool's Errand1961
Vaughan, Alden T. and Clark, Edward W. Puritans among the Indians: Accounts of Captivity and Redemption, 1676-17241981
Wayland, FrancisThe Elements of Moral Science1963
Weems, Mason L.The Life of Washington1962