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Established in 1965, the Littman Library of Jewish Civilization is a respected leader in Jewish Studies titles. HEB is partnering with the Littman Library to digitize its ongoing series Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, launched in 1986 and published for the Institute for Polish-Jewish Studies and the American Association for Polish-Jewish Studies. As of 2015, HEB also features the Jewish Cultural Studies series, edited by Simon J. Bronner, with a focus on the concept of Jewish identity as perceived by both Jews and non-Jews, and exploring the cultural dimensions of concepts such as homeland and diaspora, assimilation and separation; examining these from both religious and secular perspectives.

Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry
Jewish Cultural Studies

Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry

Bartal, Israel, and Antony PolonskyFocusing on Galicia: Jews, Poles, and Ukrainians, 1772-19181999
Bartal, Israel, Antony Polonsky, and Scott UryJews and their Neighbours in Eastern Europe since 17502012
Bartoszewski, Wladyslaw T.Poles and Jews: Perceptions and Misperceptions2004
Biskupski, Mieczyslaw B., and Antony PolonskyPolish-Jewish Relations in North America2007
Dynner, Glenn, and Antony PolonskyJews in the Kingdom of Poland, 1815–19182015
Finder, Gabriel N., Natalia Aleksiun, and Antony PolonskyMaking Holocaust Memory2008
Freeze, ChaeRan, Paula Hyman, and Antony PolonskyJewish Women in Eastern Europe2007
Galas, Michal, and Antony PolonskyJews in Kraków2011
Gluchowski, Leszek W., and Antony Polonsky1968: Forty Years After2009
Hundert, Gershon DavidJews in Early Modern Poland1997
Liekis, Sarunas, Antony Polonsky, and ChaeRan FreezeJews in the Former Grand Duchy of Lithuania since 17722013
Petrovsky-Shtern, YohananJews and Ukrainians2013
Polonsky, AntonyFocusing on Aspects and Experiences of Religion1998
Polonsky, AntonyFocusing on the Holocaust and its Aftermath2000
Polonsky, AntonyFocusing on Jewish Religious Life, 1500-19002002
Polonsky, AntonyFocusing on Jews in the Polish Borderlands2001
Polonsky, AntonyFrom Shtetl to Socialism: Studies from Polin1993
Polonsky, AntonyIndex to Volumes 1-122000
Polonsky, AntonyJewish Life in Nazi-Occupied Warsaw2008
Polonsky, AntonyJews and the Emerging Polish State2008
Polonsky, Antony, Ezra Mendelsohn, and Jerzy TomaszewskiJews in Independent Poland, 1918-19392004
Polonsky, AntonyJews in Lódz, 1820–19392005
Polonsky, AntonyThe Jews of Warsaw2004
Polonsky, Antony, Israel Bartal, Gershon Hundert, Magdalena Opalski, and Jerzy TomaszewskiJews, Poles, Socialists: The Failure of an Ideal2008
Polonsky, AntonyNew Research, New Views2008
Polonsky, AntonyPoles and Jews: Renewing the Dialogue2004
Polonsky, AntonyThe Shtetl: Myth and Reality2004
Steinlauf, Michael C., and Antony PolonskyFocusing on Jewish Popular Culture and Its Afterlife2003
Teller, Adam, Magda Teter, and Antony PolonskySocial and Cultural Boundaries in Pre-Modern Poland2010