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The Society of Biblical Literature publishes books with a scholarly focus, as well as works intended to convey the finest biblical scholarship to wider audiences: students in college, university, and seminary courses; leaders in church and synagogue settings; and members of the general public interested in biblical study. The SBL focuses on the needs of biblical scholars and students by creating resources for the classroom and research and fosters the professional development of biblical scholars by creating venues for publication, enhancing editorial skills, and providing critical responses to manuscripts submitted for publication. HEB here includes three distinguished series from the SBL’s catalog: Writings from the Ancient World, currently edited by Theodore J. Lewis; Writings from the Greco-Roman World, currently edited by David Konstan and Johan C. Thom; and Ancient Israel and Its Literature, general series editor Thomas C. Römer.

Writings from the Ancient World
Writings from the Greco-Roman World
Ancient Israel and Its Literature

Writings from the Ancient World

Allen, James P.The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts2005
Beckman, Gary A.The Ahhiyawa Texts2011
Beckman, Gary A.Hittite Diplomatic Texts1997
Cohen, YoramWisdom from the Late Bronze Age2013
Foster, John L.Hymns, Prayers, and Songs: An Anthology of Ancient Egyptian Lyric Poetry1995
Frood, ElizabethBiographical Texts from Ramessid Egypt2007
Glassner, Jean-JacquesMesopotamian Chronicles2004
Hoffner, HarryLetters from the Hittite Kingdom2009
Hoffner, Jr., Harry A. and Beckman, Gary M.Hittite Myths1998
Holtz, Shalom E.Neo-Babylonian Trial Records2014
Leprohon, RonaldThe Great Name: Ancient Egyptian Royal Titulary2013
Lindenberger, James M.Ancient Aramaic and Hebrew Letters1994
Maidman, MaynardNuzi Texts and Their Uses as Historical Evidence2010
Michalowski, PiotrLetters from Early Mesopotamia1993
Miller, JaredRoyal Hittite Instructions2013
Murnane, William J.Texts from the Amarna Period in Egypt1995
Nissinen, Martti, Seow, C. L., and Robert K. RitnerProphets and Prophecy in the Ancient Near East2003
Pardee, DennisRitual and Cult at Ugarit2002
Parker, Simon B.Ugaritic Narrative Poetry1997
Ritner, RobertThe Libyan Anarchy: Inscriptions from Egypt's Third Intermediate Period2009
Roth, Martha T.Law Collections from Mesopotamia and Asia Minor1997
Scurlock, JoAnnSourcebook for Ancient Mesopotamian Medicine2014
Singer, ItamarThe Calm Before the Storm: Selected Writings of Itamar Singer on the End of the Late Bronze Age in Anatolia and the Levant2011
Singer, ItamarHittite Prayers2002
Strudwick, Nigel C.Texts from the Pyramid Age2005
Vanstiphout, HermanEpics of Sumerian Kings: The Matter of Aratta2003

Writings from the Greco-Roman World

Aitken, Ellen Bradshaw and Maclean, Jennifer K. BerensonPhilostratus's Heroikos: Religion and Cultural Identity in the Third Century C.E.2004
Albl, Martin C.Pseudo-Gregory of Nyssa: Testimonies against the Jews2004
Allen, PaulineJohn Chrysostom, Homilies on Philippians2013
Amidon, Philip R.
Aristaenetus, Peter Bing and Regina Höschele
Brodd, Jeffrey, and Jonathan L. ReedRome and Religion: A Cross-Disciplinary Dialogue on the Imperial Cult2011
Eastman, DavidPaul the Martyr: The Cult of the Apostle in the Latin West2011
Gibson, Craig A.Libanius's Progymnasmata: model exercises in Greek prose composition and rhetoric2008
Greer, RowanTheodore of Mopsuestia: Commentary on the Minor Pauline Epistles2010
Harrak, AmirThe Acts of Mar Mari the Apostle2005
Henry, W. BenjaminPhilodemus, On Death2009
Herzer, Jens4 Baruch (Paraleipomena Jeremiou)2005
Hill, Robert C.Theodore of Mopsuestia: Commentary on Psalms 1-812006
Hill, Robert C.Theodoret of Cyrus: Commentary on Daniel2006
Hill, Robert C.Diodore of Tarsus: Commentary on Psalms 1-512005
Hock, Ronald F., and O'Neil, Edward N.The Chreia and Ancient Rhetoric: Classroom Exercises2002
Hock, Ronald F.The Chreia and Ancient Rhetoric: Commentaries on Aphthonius's Progymnasmata2012
Horn, Cornelia B. and Phenix, Robert R.John Rufus: The Lives of Peter the Iberian, Theodosius of Jerusalem, and the Monk Romanus2008
Kennedy, George A.Progymnasmata: Greek Textbooks of Prose Composition and Rhetoric2003
Kennedy, George A.Invention and Method: Two Rhetorical Treatises from the Hermogenic Corpus2005
Lamberton, RobertProclus the Successor on Poetics and the Homeric Poems: Essays 5 and 6 of His Commentary on the Republic of Plato2012
Maclean, Jennifer K. Berenson and Aitken, Ellen BradshawFlavius Philostratus: Heroikos2001
Maclean, Jennifer K. Berenson and Aitken, Ellen BradshawFlavius Philostratus: On Heroes2002
Norris, RichardGregory of Nyssa: Homilies on the Song of Songs2012
Ramelli, IlariaHierocles the Stoic: Elements of Ethics, Fragments, and Excerpts2009
Russell, Donald A. and Konstan, DavidHeraclitus: Homeric Problems2005
Salzman, Michele ReneeThe Letters of Symmachus: Book 12011
Springer, CarlSedulius, the Paschal Song and Hymns2013
Tsouna, VoulaPhilodemus, On Property Management2013
Turner, JohnPlato's Parmenides and Its Heritage, Volume 1: History and Interpretation from the Old Academy to Later Platonism and Gnosticism2010
Turner, JohnPlato's Parmenides and Its Heritage: Volume 2: Reception in Patristic, Gnostic, and Christian Neoplatonic Texts2010