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Henry Steele Commager (October 25, 1902 – March 2, 1998), the renowned — and often controversial — American historian and teacher, was the author of over forty books and 700 articles in scholarly and more popular journals. He was one of a prolific generation of public intellectuals who used his scholarly training and research to address many of the major topics of the day, including war and peace, constitutional government and evolving issues of American civil rights and society. In collaboration with the Commager Estate, HEB here makes available in digital form thirty of Commager’s scholarly works, primary-source collections and important textbook and general publications.

Commager, Henry SteeleDocuments of American History, 3rd Edition1943
Commager, Henry SteeleMajority Rule and Minority Rights1943
Commager, Henry Steele and Nevins, AllanA Short History of the United States1945
Commager, Henry SteeleThe Pocket History of the Second World War1945
Commager, Henry SteeleThe Story of the Second World War, Edited with Historic Narrative1945
Commager, Henry SteeleAmerica In Perspective: The United States through foreign eyes in thirty-five essays, Edited with introduction and notes1947
Commager, Henry SteeleThe St. Nicholas Anthology, Edited1948
Commager, Henry SteeleThe American Mind: An Interpretation of American Thought and Character Since the 1880's1950
Commager, Henry SteeleThe Blue and the Gray: The story of the Civil War as told by Participants, Volume One: The Nomination of Lincoln to the Eve of Gettysburg1950
Commager, Henry SteeleThe Blue and the Gray: The Battle of Gettysburg to Appomattox, Volume Two1950
Commager, Henry SteeleLiving Ideas in America, Edited and with commentary1951
Commager, Henry Steele and Nevins, AllanThe Pocket History of the United States1951
Commager, Henry SteeleFreedom, Loyalty, Dissent1954
Commager, Henry SteeleDocuments of American History 6th edition1958
Commager, Henry SteeleThe Era of Reform, 1830-18601960
Commager, Henry SteeleCrusaders For Freedom1962
Commager, Henry SteeleThe Defeat of the Confederacy: a documentary survey1964
Commager, Henry SteeleFifty Basic Civil War Documents1965
Commager, Henry SteeleThe Nature and the Study of History1965
Commager, Henry SteeleThe Study of History1966
Commager, Henry SteeleFreedom and Order: a commentary on the American political scene1966
Commager, Henry SteeleLester Ward and the Welfare State1967
Commager, Henry SteeleThe Search for a Usable Past and Other Essays in Historiography1967
Commager, Henry SteeleThe Struggle for Racial Equality, Edited1967
Commager, Henry SteeleWas America A Mistake?1967
Commager, Henry SteeleThe Commonwealth of Learning1968
Commager, Henry SteeleBritain Through American Eyes1974
Commager, Henry SteeleThe Defeat of America: Presidential Power and the National Character1974
Commager, Henry SteeleJefferson, Nationalism, and the Enlightenment1975
Commager, Henry Steele and Muessig, Raymond H.The Study and teaching of history1980
Commager, Henry SteeleCommager on Tocqueville1993