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In honor of University Press Week, we’ve gathered some fun facts about the presses Humanities E-Book partners with:

1. The oldest university press (the oldest publishing house in the world actually!) is Cambridge University Press: it published its first book, Two Treatises of the Lord His Holie Supper, in 1584.

Learn more about the history of Cambridge University Press by visiting


2. Oxford University Press is the second oldest, established in 1586.


3. In the United States, Johns Hopkins University Press is the oldest press that has run continuously since 1878.

It is one of the noblest duties of a university to advance knowledge and to diffuse it not merely among those who can attend the daily lectures but far and wide. 

Daniel Coit Gilman, first President of Johns Hopkins University

4. Some university presses such as those at Oxford, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale have endowments, while other presses rely on sales and grants.

Read more: “University Presses Under Fire“, by Scott Sherman. (The Nation, 2014)


 5. The Ohio State University Press has published several scholarly works in Comics Studies.


 6. Oxford University Presses has offices in 50 countries around the world, making it the largest university press.

Oxford University Press Building

Oxford University Press, Oxfordshire, England

 7. In the U.S., Wesleyan University is the smallest college to have its own press.


 8. Many university presses are facing funding issues. The University of Illinois Press has been continuing operations without a budget for the past three years.

Suggested Reading: “University Presses Cope with Budget Cuts“, by Claire Kirch (Publishers Weekly, 2016)

 9. HEB’s oldest partners, i.e. the university presses that have partnered with us from our inception, include the presses of Harvard, Cornell, Oxford University, Stanford, University of California, Kentucky, Rutgers, Johns Hopkins, University of Texas, University of Chicago, University of Nebraska, Louisiana State University, Cambridge, Yale, University of Wisconsin, University of Tennessee, New York University, Wesleyan, Columbia, and MIT.


So there you have it! Some facts and history of some of the university presses that HEB partners with. Happy University Press Week! Celebrate knowledge, #LookItUP. To see more about University Press Week, click here. For a complete list of HEB contributing publishers, click here.