Information for Societies

As the only ebook collection curated by scholars, for scholars, ACLS HEB depends on the member societies of ACLS to partner with us in selecting new titles and curating the collection over time. We endeavor to maintain ongoing communication with as many ACLS societies as possible, and we hope that offering discounted individual access to the collection will help learned societies better serve their independent, contingent, or otherwise precarious members. If you are a representative of a learned society and wish to become involved with selection or individual access, please contact ACLS HEB’s Acquiring Editor, Sean Guynes, at

Distinctive Features


We offer individual subscriptions to ACLS society members at the discounted price. This is especially helpful for your members who are not affiliated with an academic library system. Learn more about offering individual access through your society by contacting Sean Guynes at


ACLS HEB can host and highlight outstanding titles in your discipline. We are especially eager to include materials that have not been digitized or are otherwise difficult to access. Learn more about the curation process.

Innovative Partnerships

We depend upon communication with learned societies to foster innovation in academic publishing and get the most out of our Fulcrum platform.

Timeline for Engagement with ACLS Societies on Title Recommendations

In the course of developing the ACLS HEB collection, our staff work with ACLS societies to receive recommendations for new titles, work directly with publishers on licensing agreements to include their books in the collection, and create EBook files of each to be hosted in the collection. Our work to update the collection with new titles—what we call a “round”—occurs on the following annual schedule:

  • February 1 — Deadline for societies to submit content recommendations to HEB Acquiring Editor
  • March 1 — HEB Acquiring Editor sends annual acquisition shortlist to the Publishing Services Librarian for licensing
  • August 1 — Publisher agreements to license books for the collection are due
  • October — The new round is made available and ACLS societies are notified about which of their recommendations are included in the round

Individual Subscriptions

Members of ACLS societies are eligible to subscribe to ACLS Humanities Ebook for a small annual fee paid to their societies. The list of societies that currently participate is below. If your ACLS society is not on this list, ask them to join.

  • American Historical Association
  • Oral History Association
  • Bibliographical Society of America